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About Us

We believe we can create safe spaces in our communities that inspire young people to dream, and live without limitations.

Our Mission

Elle Rêve provides hope, opportunity and life-enhancing programs for young people, especially those who need us most. Our aim is to guide youth to their full potential through intensive programs that build strong character, develop ambitious and motivated mindsets necessary to accomplish their dreams. 


Our Vision

Our aim is to see needs in the community and respond. We then, under thoughtful consideration, create programs to target these needs.

Our Mission


Revive LA: A quarterly space for young adults to experience spiritual, emotional and mental health support. Students learn to witness marginalized voices.


Camp Majii: A two week intensive to teach swimming basics and rescue techniques to youth who otherwise would not have these resources. 


“ME Too, What’s Next?”: A space for healing from past trauma, teaching individuals how to share their stories and empower them to teach others to release shame and guilt as well.


"Who I AM" Course: Mentorship for college women to explore their identity, build character, and discover their purpose.

S.P.A.C.E. Program: Science, Performing Arts, Culinary and Engineering

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